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28 Pints Later Baseball Jersey

by Tom Warin
(Salem, MA)

28 Pints Later baseball jersey. The TRUE nature of living death! Click to buy from CafePress.28 Pints Later Baseball Jersey

Every year the town baseball tournament has trouble finding enough teams to make it worthwhile. This year, we had the idea of having the local pubs sponsor the teams, which would be made up of regulars from each of the pubs. That way, the talent would be spread out among the teams.

However, somebody forgot to tell the organizer that The Gravedigger's Arms was a zombie pub, and that they probably shouldn't be invited.

Maybe he thought they wouldn't accept, but they did. They even printed up team uniforms and everything. A replica of their 28 Pints Later baseball jersey is available at CafePress, guaranteed to be free of any brain or viscera residue.

As it turns out, zombies have been playing baseball almost since the game was invented. One even plays in the majors, and you'll never guess who it is...

Zombie baseball is all about fast pitching and power hitting. When the fastest pace you can manage is a shambling lollop, base-running and defensive fielding are pretty much out of the question, so you need to be hitting home runs and pitching strikes.

The zombies went all the way to the finals. They didn't win. Jack "Hoot-Hoot-Hoot" McAuley made sure of that when he figured out that his fastball was capable of taking a zombie's head clean off. I'm ashamed to say that caused a bit of a ruckus, and by ruckus I mean Zombie Apocalypse. Oops.

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