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Brakspear Triple ale

by Nathaniel Tapley
(Beer Delegate, London, UK)

Brakspear Triple ale: do you dare to have more?

Brakspear Triple ale: do you dare to have more?

Brakspear Triple ale

I usually get through four or five bottles of a beer before I know enough about it to decide whether or not I really like it.

First impressions can be deceptive, better have a second. Second impressions are okay, but they still don't really get to the heart of the matter.

Third and fourth impressions are important, they add depth and fullness to my opinion of a beer, but it's the fifth bottle that's the charm. That's where the truth is.

Except that with Brakspear Triple, you find that by the fifth, you (I) are unable to make sensible decisions about anything. Thrice-fermented and 7.2% abv volume, Brakspear's Triple will stop you (me) remembering your keys or name after a few, never mind opining on its merits.

It's sweet and rich and full, and it filled me with the desire to knock on my neighbours' doors and introduce myself. It was fat, tasty and almost musical.

It's not a drink for anyone looking for refreshment, unless they squeeze a lemon into their eyes after each swig. It's a drink redolent of the past.

It sits there, deep brown and glaring, daring you to have more. And you will.

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Jan 21, 2012
But why chnage the bottle size NEW
by: Anonymous

It seems that due to popular demand ( I would like to know how many people asked) ,,, Brakspear are only selling Triple in 330ml bottles.
A choice would be nice. 1 @ 330ml is not enough but 2 is just a bit too much. 500ml was jsut right.

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