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Difference between beer and liquor with anti-depressants?

by Becky

Prozac and alcohol: seriously, DON'T

Prozac and alcohol: seriously, DON'T

Difference between beer and liquor with anti-depressants?

I have been taking Prozac for three years and I do drink. I notice a difference in the effects if I drink beer, as opposed to malt liquor.

The beer makes me feel tired and lazy. But the malt liquor makes me energized and I want to keep drinking.

Why is this? I used to be able to just drink beer and be buzzed, then I switched to malt liquor pretty heavily for a while. Sometimes I drink beer and it makes me want to sleep, but with liquor and I feel energized and talkative.

Why is this and does this happen to anyone else on anti-depressants?

Thanks, Becky

The Beer Doctor says:

Hello Becky. First and foremost, you should never combine anti-depressants with alcohol, because mixing anti-depressants with alcohol can be very dangerous.

A few of the things which usually occur when you combine Prozac with beer are:

  • Beer can worsen your depression symptoms. Alcohol is a depressant and it can counteract your medication and lessen its effects. This is the reason why you feel tired and lazy when you take beer.
  • A combination of Prozac and beer can impair your attention and focus, as it might make you feel more intoxicated, which is very dangerous if you are driving.
  • A life-threatening reaction can occur when anti-depressants are combined with beverages or food containing monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

It is important for you to understand that it is not safe to mix booze with your medication. It is better if you consult your own doctor before you come to any conclusion.

It is also important that you do not stop your medication just because you feel like consuming alcohol.

If you are still interested in knowing why malt liquor has a different reaction, well, it is mainly because it has different alcohol content, and because of the larger serving size and faster consumption and absorption it might seem like it is energizing you; but it is important that you remember that Prozac along with any form of alcohol is bad for you.

If you need any other help, let me know.

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