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Fullers ESB

by Nathaniel Tapley
(Beer Delegate, London, UK)

Fuller's ESB: is Nathaniel Tapley getting spoilt, or is something missing?

Fuller's ESB: is Nathaniel Tapley getting spoilt, or is something missing?

Fuller's ESB

Maybe I'm just getting spoilt.

For the last few months I've been trying new beers almost every week. I've been hunting out oddities, microbreweries and out-of-the-way drinking holes.

My wife's intending on giving birth to a child at the end of July, so I'm having to pack my days with as much child-free drinking as I can.

Recently, I've tried some wonderful beers in some wonderful places.

That's why I had such high hopes for Fuller's ESB. They proudly state that it has been "twice voted world champion bitter, three times voted champion beer of Britain... Fuller's ESB is acknowledged as one of the world's greatest beers."

One of the world's greatest beers? I've got to try me some of that.

So I did.

And it's OK. I won't be buying it again, but it was robust, bitter and let you know where it stood. It had maltiness, sweetness, and a bite. It's a big, bold beer, 5.9% by volume, and there was nothing particularly wrong with it. It was an above-average bitter with some good points.

But it didn't move me.

Recently I've tried spectacular beers, odd beers and miserable beers. This was unremarkable in every way.

It was fine, but it doesn't compare to the other ales I've tipped down me, so I won't be trying it again.

As I said, maybe I'm just spoilt...

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Dec 30, 2014
Fullers ESB
by: Anonymous

Rich malty flavor and complex background hop bitterness. A true English bitter. Shows the maturity that traditional brewing has come to in Europe. Sorry U.S. you're still the juveniles of brewing.

Apr 06, 2011
Fullers ESB
by: Anonymous

As a traveller both in North America, and much of Europe, have tried a lot of beer. Now I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I enjoy great food, atmosphere and drink whenever I get the chance. Recently tried ESB from Fuller and I loved it. Great taste, subtle earthiness, and something different than your run of the mill lagers, or the odd guiness.

I rate it as a best buy when mixed with good company, great food, and High expectations. Cheers

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