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Gibraltar bar, Buenos Aires

by Tiffany Rainey

Gibraltar Bar, Buenos Aires, Argentina: loadsa great brews

Gibraltar Bar, Buenos Aires, Argentina: loadsa great brews

Gibraltar bar
Buenos Aires, Argentina

According to my TimeOut Buenos Aires guide book, Gilbraltar bar Buenos Aires is the best place "for a skinful of real ale". So, since the pub is only a few blocks away and I'm still taking baby steps in BA nightlife, I decided to check it out.

When I arrived at around 9.30pm, the place was still kinda empty. Who goes out that early anyway? I have an excuse: I was out for dinner. Happy hour is from 6-10pm, so I was just in time. Quilmes, Heineken, Warsteiner Premium Verum, Stone Stout and Antares Scotch. For some unknown reason I ordered the Quilmes first.

Bad, bad idea. Not only do I hate tap beer in general, but Argentina's finest was SOUR! I've probably had, oh, a few hundred or so Quilmes and I know it doesn't taste that way. But, alas, my Spanish is retarded and of course I couldn't explain to them why I was having such a hard time drinking the Bud Light of Argentina.

I drank just enough of it to escape notice while I waited for my fish and chips to arrive. Average fare. I know fish and chips is not the way to go to avoid grease, but either it really is greasy here, or I'm just used to South Beach's ever-present fear of fatness that keeps restaurants free of excessive oil.

Using my Gibraltar bar Buenos Aires 2 for 1 ticket, I got a Stone Stout. Again, disappointment. Though it was leagues better than the Quilmes (at least it wasn't rotten), I'm not a big stout fan. Too milkshake-ish and flat for me.

Since I'm not one to complain (and couldn't do so with my limited lingual skills anyway), I drank it like it was the best I'd ever had.

Next up was the Stone IPA. Getting much, much better. At this point, Gilbraltar bar Buenos Aires was starting to fill up (around midnight). I decided to order one more beer and feel it out.

Stone XB, though I don't have any idea what the XB stands for, was definitely the best beer they had in Gibraltar bar Buenos Aires (though I didn't taste the Antares Scotch and they have Stella Artois in bottles).

It was definitely sweet and reddish, if that makes any sense. Similar to Killian's, though a bit less sweet and much flatter... probably the tap though. If (maybe I should say when) I go back it will definitely be the one that I order.

Though it seems as if I'm trashing this place completely, I still kinda liked it. The bartenders were awesome and they seemed relieved at my Spanish (guess they get a lot of people that speak none at all).

There was definitely a local scene. I could tell by the way several people flitted from group to group just like I do at The Room.

The music was okay -- everything from old tango music to Gorrillas (which would've made the average American cringe, but since I only hear them at Backdoor Bamby I was cool with it).

Approximate depletion of funds: $40 pesos ($13 USD... I had to use a calculator for that).

Gibraltar bar Buenos Aires, Peru 895.

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