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How to lose stomach fat: Does beer make you fat?

by Anonymous

How to lose stomach fat: Does beer make you fat?

How to lose stomach fat: Does beer make you fat?

How to lose stomach fat: Does beer make you fat?

Hi beer doc, I'm a 29 year old woman and I love beer. I always enjoy having a cold beer when it's too hot or when I'm going out.

So far so good; the only thing is that I heard beer is fattening and since I'm a woman, the last thing I want is to get fat.

Can you tell me if that is true and if so how does beer make you fat? Is there any type of beer which has less calories or can you tell me how much and what kind of beer I can drink to maintain my weight?

One more thing, one of my friends has diabetes. Can drinking beer worsen his diabetes?

The Beer Doctor says:

There has been a popular belief that beer is fattening and there have been several campaigns by beer lovers to prove it otherwise.

Based on scientific facts it is hard to tell is beer fattening or not, because of the multiple effects which are involved.

Basically the idea of "beer = fat" is due to the beer belly associated with long-standing beer drinkers. However, the effect of a moderate amount of beer consumption or occasional consumption of beer and effect of this on body fat still needs to be determined.

The principle factor which affects the body fat is calories. If the consumption of calories exceeds the burning of the calories, then it is sure that one ends up with extra body fat. This is the normal physiological process of the body; in order to protect itself from future starvation it stores extra calories as body fat.

The amount of calories in most commonly consumed alcoholic drinks is as follows. This was given out by the British Beer and Pub Association:

Calories per 100 ml of drink:

1. Apple juice: 47 calories
2. Milk: 64 calories
3. Spirits: 250 calories
4. Wine (12% alcohol content): 77 calories
5. Beer (4.6% alcohol content): 41 calories

One should remember these are all empty calories, meaning it does not help in any metabolism of the body and is used only in heating the body. That's the reason one feels warm when they consume alcoholic drinks.

So from above data it is clear that beer contains fewer amounts of calories than wine: but why the beer belly?

Beer, like any other alcoholic drink, is a good appetizer and also the carbonation of the beer increases the hunger of the individual who consumes the beer. Coupled with the intoxication by consumption of alcoholic, the individual usually ends up with eating junk food, mostly take away meals, which contain enormous amount of calories. This is the reason why beer lovers have a beer belly.

Most might argue that beer belly is not the effect of beer, which is partly true as beer has no direct effect. However, it is due to consumption of beer one might end up eating junk foods.

It all boils down to the lifestyle of the individual. Wine, though an alcoholic drink, does not increase the hunger level rapidly because it is not consumed as rapidly as one consumes beer; and also the fact unlike beer, it is not carbonized.

Non-alcoholic beers have the least calories and if you want to consume just for the taste of the beer then you should try them. Light beers have fewer calories than regular beer. As discussed above, it is your lifestyle that affects the person's stomach fat the most and not the beer itself, so responsible drinking is the best way to keep a fit body.

See the UNOB Beer Calorie Guide for more information on calories in beer.

Diabetes question

As for your friend who has diabetes, it is important to remember that the effect of beer on diabetes is very varied.

Alcohol usually lowers blood glucose levels, so individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes and who are on medication should usually avoid beer or any other alcohol, as it might result in hypoglycemia -- a fatal condition.

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