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Jeffrey Hudson bitter

by Alastair Hooley
(Beer Delegate, London, UK)

Jeffrey Hudson bitter: bags of taste for a relatively weak beer

Jeffrey Hudson bitter: bags of taste for a relatively weak beer

Jeffrey Hudson bitter

For the first few years of my real ale drinking life, I never really had a favourite beer. There were of course beers I would choose over others when presented with a selection in a pub, but none that I could say was my favourite.

That all changed a few years ago. The occasion was a work leaving do held at the local Wetherspoons (a large pub chain in the UK) for a student, Nigel, who had worked for us for a year or two.

It is normal practice at my place of employment for the person leaving, being promoted or being fired to buy the first round of drinks and on this occasion Nigel strolled confidently into the pub, first in line, with the appearance of one about to buy a large round.

Sadly, as he perched himself at the bar looking eagerly at the rest of us, it was clear a round was not going to materialise.

Anyway, I digress. The other reason why this visit was so memorable was that it was the first time I tried a beer called JHB by Oakham Ales, a Peterborough-based brewery. JHB – short for Jeffrey Hudson bitter – is a 3.8% abv golden ale. Despite its low alcohol content, the beer has masses of flavour and a wonderful citrus aroma.

As a lover of hops, this beer blew me away after the first sip and I proceeded to consume a further eight pints that afternoon. I don’t think I've tasted any other beer with such a significant hop taste.

More recently, I recommended the beer to a work colleague who is not a huge fan of what he calls 'hops-only beer' (golden ales). He was, however, pleasantly surprised by the amount of flavour in such a relatively weak beer.

I've since tried other beers in Oakham's range and all have that underlying heavily-hopped taste, including their Porter which one would normally associate with a heavy malty taste.

The Wetherspoons chain occasionally stocks Jeffrey Hudson bitter, although in order to be assured of visiting a pub that does have it, you’ll have to head off to Peterborough. It will be well worth the trip!

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