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Kasteel Rouge beer

by Bret
(Las Vegas)

Kasteel Rouge beer

Kasteel Rouge beer

Kasteel Rouge (8% ABV)
Castle Brewery, Van Honsebrouck, Belgium
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This beer was a welcome fluke purchase. Having been introduced to Kasteel Cru in June, I thought the two beers might be related somehow and made the purchase. Turns out they are from different breweries but that did not take away from the experience. If you like lambics, you'll love this ale.

It starts with a very strong aroma of sweet and tart cherry scents with peppery and spicy overtones. There is a mild yeasty smell which is not too apparent and little or no hop or malt aromas to mention.

The appearance of this beer is rather interesting because it has a cloudy reddish pink color which is non-transparent. When you pour it there is some lightening and as it foams the head is a light bubbly pink which
dissipates immediately and does not cling to the glass.

Kasteel Rouge has a strong cherry flavor and an acidic fruity aftertaste which stays on the palate for a few seconds. There is a moderate bitterness from the cherries and juice added to the beer and negligible malt or hops which make this an excellent flavored ale because all you really taste is fruit.

Like a lambic, the mouthfell is a smooth texture which coats the palate with fruit. It has very refreshing and light carbonation which is very drinkable and does not coat the back of the throat or the palate with film, just flavor.

Although it was not brewed by who I thought it was, this was an excellent beer. The strong fruit flavor and aroma are very appealing and refreshing. The brewers comments on the bottle were "Belgian ale with cherries and cherry juice added". That is definitely the truth.

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