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Mississippi Mud

by Matt Lyman
(Beer Delegate, NC, USA)

Mississippi Mud beer: tasty but not over-powered

Mississippi Mud beer: tasty but not over-powered

Mississippi Mud beer (5% ABV)
Matt Brewery, Utica, NY, USA
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First order of business is Mississippi Mud beer, a delicious black and tan beverage from the Matt Brewery in Utica, New York.

Here's the commercial description: "Dating back to 18th century England, the custom of blending pale and dark beers has kept the Black & Tan a favorite of experienced beer drinkers for centuries. Our famous recipe combines a robust English porter with a fine continental pilsner, preserving the character of each, while creating the classic taste of the legendary Black & Tan. In true American style, we bring you the best of both beers as they meet in Miss. Mud."

It's sold in a great moonshine-style jug with a screw-off top and a vintage-looking label. First visual impression when pouring it is, "This looks just like it should, really dark with a fantastic creamy head."

First tasting impression is, "Rich, robust, full and surprisingly creamy with an uncharacteristically non-bitter aftertaste."

It is a pleasing brew that can be indulged in plentifully with little or no stereotypical repercussions. I drank a quart jug in one sitting and was barely, but coherently buzzed. By one sitting I mean over the course of about two hours. So my recommendation is that you all sample this delicious dark brew.

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Dec 04, 2013
Mud at Fred Meyers in Wash. ST. NEW
by: Ron

Fred Meyers also carries this in the Puget Sound region in Washington. I get mine every once in awhile from Fred Meyers in Auburn, Wa

It's one of my favorites.

Jun 22, 2012
distributors NEW
by: John O'Keefe

arizona ice tea distributs this beer. Ask you beer distributors to get it. $3.84 a jug 32 ozs. Love it. I start every weekend of with a jug.

Apr 04, 2012
After taste
by: Susi Wasilla Alaska

When we first discovered your beer , about 6 months ago we loved it and recommended it to friends and family.
This last batch showed a bitter bite to it, reminded me of old Olympia in a can from when I was a teenager.I am 62 now
I don't know if this got pushed a bit too fast due to production pressure, but thought I would put it in, granted it came up via barge accross the North Pacific Ocean in -20 weather but that should have not made it taste green. We certainly missed the yeasty hopps taste of your beer.
Just thought I would put in this information
Susi in Wasilla Alaska

Mar 18, 2012
um um good
by: jerry from washington

mississippi mud was first introduced to me by my wife, and wow. i am now looking for the recipe to distill it myself. Anyone got any suggestions.

Feb 02, 2012
To get this beer in Kern County
by: Coulthurst

If you live in Kern County Ca, and want Mississippi Mud; ask your retailer. I shall provide!
Coulthurst Distribution Co.

Oct 28, 2011
mississippi's Mud
by: Robert Comerford

I tried my first one in BIG NOSE KATES BAR in Toumbstone AZ. Have been hooked ever sence. Just dont know where to buy it in Las Vegas.

Oct 04, 2011
Mississippi Mud Beer
by: Dave

In the Northwest (ie Seattle), Mississippi Mud is sold at QFC groceries. A great taste and the bottle will soon be a collectors item.

Mar 29, 2011
Fantastic, really
by: Anonymous

I was first intrigued by Mississippi Mud when I was five and noticed an empty bottle on my dad's dresser, which he used for loose change. Ever since, the bottle stayed in the back of my memory, just another childhood mental image. I'm now 21, and found Mississippi Mud at a local beer shop run by Asians, who are extremely nice and have the best selection in town.

I'm not an extremely experienced beer drinker, but I would like to say that I have a tongue for flavor, and Mississippi Mud certainly delivers in that regard. I'm particularly a fan of how it carries the flavor of a porter but has the clean, almost-bitey taste of a pale ale. It's an interesting, enjoyable, and extremely refreshing combination that doesn't really disappoint. At 4 bucks a bottle after tax, I can't imagine that I'd go to anything less than this for a good night of relaxed drinking.

Feb 16, 2011
by: rharvie

For the person in PA.
Mississippi Mud is carried by the two (one owner) distributors in East Stroudsburg, PA. If you find their supplier you can probably find a local distributor. It's not a bad black and tan but, I think, Saranac's is better.

May 02, 2010
Mud? Mud? Where's the Mud?
by: jetpower

Mississippi Mud has a good balance of refreshing feel and temperature-independent flavor satisfaction. Having become an adherent many years ago, I was disappointed when Trader Joe's stopped carrying the 16oz 4-packs. At least they continued to carry the 32oz bottles, which continued to hold my crew's interest.

Recently TJ's stopped carrying the singles, saying that they were going back to the 4-packs. This was in February. Now, on May 2, there is still no Mississippi Mud at Trader Joe's - which has been carrying it for years and years. Either it continues to be hard to get, or they aren't really trying.

If anyone knows where to get Mississippi Mud in the Los Angeles Basin, or how to get it there, please feel free to send a note to YesOnMud (at) This is much appreciated!

Jan 08, 2010
Peabodys in Boone NC
by: Anonymous

That would be the name of the little specialty beer store in which i first was introduced to Mud, I have loved the flavor of this beer for many years, Now that i have Moved from NC to PA i havnt been able to find any mud and much like a ghost that haunts me , i can honestly say that the flavor of this wonderful beer has paled every black and tan that i have tasted sence.
Does anyone know where i might be able to legally buy mud and have it shipped to my dorrstep in pa without any complications?
If so than please contact me via e-mail @ ( I would greatly appreciate the information.
If anyone relpys to this please just caption the email mud.
Thank you,
And if you are fortunate to have this wonderful beer available to you in a near-by distributor, do not think twice before buying , I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy it . thanks again

Dec 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I first tried Mississippi Mud at my fathers wake. I was a recovering alcoholic but couldn't help myself from drop of alcohol but my dad loved the mississippi mud and there were plenty of jugs to be consumed at the gathering so I decided to try it in his honor. I am now a huge fan of the mud and can't put it down. My first wife left me when becuase I

Nov 10, 2009
Ok beer, good for the price
by: Bri

I was at the store buying Guiness which was what I originally planned to buy, and only that. Then I saw the black and tan and the bottle had me intrigued. The price wasn't bad at $3 so I bought it. I'm drinking it now, and it's very smooth and has no real bitter taste and I have to take another. umm, ok a light aftertaste. Definitely doesn't taste anything like Bud or Coors rice piss beer. I'm also keeping the bottle as it's something that's not usually seen. I guess the bottle is reminiscent of the moonshine bottles in places like Mississippi when prohibition took place.

Sep 21, 2009
Miss Mud
by: Ray

This is good beer. I like dark beers and stouts and this is not really like any other I have had. It has a good creamy texture and feel in the mouth. Then when you expect the bitterness to show it doesn't. I agree with all the rest, everyone should try this beer if it can be found anymore. It is no longer available in Ont Canada's LCBO stores. Cheers, Ray

Sep 17, 2009
Agree with everyone needs to try it.
by: Bodie

I am not normally a dark beer drinker to the point of shying away from them...just not into bitter beer...I drink beer because I like the taste and most dark beers do not fall in to that catagory but this beer has a very good taste and no bitter after taste.

Well worth the cost to try a bottle, but you better get 2 because you'll wish you did.

Aug 20, 2009
by: Patrick S

Couldn't agree more about people trying it. Someone gave me a sip of theirs last February (2009), and I've been drinking it ever since. My local grocery store is nice enough to carry it.

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