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by Alastair Hooley
(Beer Delegate, London, UK)

Moor JJJ IPA: a classic

Moor JJJ IPA: a classic

Moor JJJ IPA (9.0% ABV)
Moor, Somerset, UK

When I saw this on the draft beer list a few days before the Battersea Beer festival, I was hoping that it would be on on the Friday.

Although I'd never had it before, an IPA at 9% wasn't something I could just pass by. Imagine my disappointment upon arrival at the festival and it was nowhere to be seen.

But my disappointment turned to joy, fortunately before I was completely plastered, when it appeared much later on in the afternoon. I only had a half but it must have lasted me a good half hour – this was one to savour. Masses of flavour with a really deep malty taste and hoppy bitterness. The Battersea Beer Festival brochure described it perfectly:

"Described as triple IPA. Triple the gravity, triple the colour and more than triple the hops. Deep copper in colour, very strong, over the top in aroma and flavour and if you don't like hops, don't even think about it." A classic.

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