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The Den

by Friend of the Den
(Mansfield, Ohio)

The Den in Mansfield, Ohio. Local feel, but big enough for live bands

The Den in Mansfield, Ohio. Local feel, but big enough for live bands

Every community has their share of bars, but there are some that are icons in the community, the good old fashioned "neighborhood bars".

The Den in Mansfield, Ohio is no exception. It has its share of regulars, but on any given night you'd meet a new friend of The Den. It is small enough to be quaint, yet large enough to have live bands every weekend (that in itself is a vanishing privilege).

They always have something going on. In addition to live bands, they have karaoke and a jam night on a couple other nights.

I was happy to meet one of the owners, a guy by the name of "Giddyup Dave". Sure made me feel welcome, fact is pretty much made everyone feel welcome. The other thing I like is that the age group is over 30, and the music and crowd reflect that.

So, if you are ever in Mansfield, Ohio you'll find The Den to be a real good time.

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Sep 27, 2012
the Old Den
by: Anonymous

When Dave owned the Den it was just a better place to go.When you had Deja Vu play it was packed wall to wall.Now,with a cover at the door it keeps many out.It's not the same place.No smoking didn't kill it.It was a combination of the economy and bands being brought in.The bands now just aren't as good.I've been a musician for over 35 yrs.and I know a good band.Some of the bands I heard there aren't up to it.

Aug 15, 2010
I will miss The Den
by: Anonymous

I will miss The Den, great live music, no trouble, and fun. It was not the smoking law, it was the lack of the enforcement of the smoking law that sent their patrons to other places that DID let people smoke. They did the best they could, and I will miss it.

Aug 14, 2010
How you like it now?
by: Anonymous

Well the political machine and ways to make money, and peoples freedoms takes over again. The Den is now closed thanks in part to the no smoking laws the ridiculous constant harassment by law enforcement. There is no way someone who is drunk should be on the roads or behind the wheel of any vehicle, but to make the laws so stringent that having one beer and driving can get you in the clunker to help pay for the downtown people pension funds is ridiculous. Is this not supposed to be freedom of choice? A sign posted on door proclaiming a smoking area should be enough. If you choose to go in, fine if you do not want to enter that kind of place, thats fine too. Pretty soon nowhere will be open and the taking away of more freedoms will be iminent. Congrats all you stupid people.

Jan 03, 2010
There is NO SMOKING at The Den!
by: Anonymous


Mar 14, 2009
No fun any more
by: Anonymous

Try The Den now that they opened up smoking

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