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The Guy Who Jerks Off In Front of Girls

by Jack Handy
(Richmond, VA)

The Guy Who Jerks Off In Front of Girls

When I was in junior high school my older brothers had a party and I got wasted! I went to my room to pass out, but before I fell asleep I thought it would be to jerk off as I tjhought about all the hot girls there.

Bad idea; I ended up falling asleep naked, and of course some of the guys foudn me. They brought 3 girls into my room, took the sheets off of me then hung out smoking until I woke up. I was so wasted I didn't realize I was nude! I fucking sat there talking to them and smoking weed, not understanding I didn't have any clothes on.

At one point one of the girls asked me to show them how I play with myself and I started stroking my cock, that's when I had the horrifying realization that I was naked in front of girls! I tried to get up but they wouldn't let me, and brought a few more people in to solidify my humiliation.

I thank god it was a time before cell phones, or I would have had my picture passed all over town. I was still totally embarrassed at school on Monday, since the girls told everyone I knew that I jerk off for them. My only defense was to say I stopped before I had an orgasm, which didn't make me feel any less embarrassed, it was almost worse to admit it.

I got over it, but for a good long time I was known as the guy that jerked off in front of the girls! And to be honest, it turned me on so much, I continue to fantasize about it to this day.

Editor's note: "Jack Handy" -- that's either the best pseudonym anybody's ever come up with, or a very unfortunate co-incidence!

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Mar 24, 2012
A well deserved nickname NEW
by: Jack Handy

Jack Handy was the nickname I earned after that night, and a few other times in which I got caught jerking off, everyone always called me Jack Handy for years!

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