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Yuengling beer

by Travis Edwards
(Beer Delegate, DC, USA)

Yuengling beer: available

Yuengling beer: available

Yuengling beer
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As with most people, I have had my smatterings of truly depressing moments in life. Sure, they're part of life and whatnot, but it's really not too bad until it hits you over the head and you realize you're smack in the middle of one of those life moments.

As a kid, flying was always the most popular superhero choice, but when you're standing at the register in a grocery store at 11:50 on a Friday night with nothing but potato chips, an air freshener and a six-pack of Yuengling beer, that invisible thing sounds really appealing.

The night wasn't a total bust, I suppose, because the potato chips were good and the air freshener worked. The Yuengling beer, however, didn't live up to its part of the unsaid bargain to please my taste buds. When the main selling point of a beer is to advertise that they are "America's oldest brewery" and nothing else, something has to be wrong.

Being the oldest at something is really only worth bragging about if you did something interesting, or were able to move your product out of a ten-state boundary in almost a hundred years of existence. Yuengling failed at these two tasks, but still enjoy boasting about their dreary existence in providing relatively cheap beer that, as far as I can tell, didn't kill me.

Perhaps Yuengling beer's strongest point is its name and logo, which trump the contents of the bottle. On every bottle, an eagle, for some reason, is lifting a keg over some rocks behind the bold and confusing name presented to us in italics.

I suppose eagles are American, beer comes in kegs and rocks could possibly be present when drinking beer, so the bird's cocked head and slightly-open beak (Is it communicating? Is it out of breath?) may put some bizarre individuals in the mood for finding out what lies beneath the instantaneous bad sign of a twist-off cap, but I was forced to pause and ruminate over the name.

Their website claims that it's German, and because I don't speak German and really don't have any strong plans to learn it anytime soon, I'll have to assume it connotes something as strong and as powerful as that eagle on their logo, which looks like it's eating gnats out of the air.

The beer itself should never be seen outside of college refrigerators which lack the ability to have standards, or for those who don't feel quite depressed enough to buy a 24-pack of Keystone Light, but depressed enough to buy beer which would probably work as anti-freeze in a car engine.

The more adventurous route in life would be to buy some apple juice and yeast, stick it next to your radiator for six months and drink it with a group of people who find the concept amusing enough to buy you real beer out of sympathy.

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Jun 02, 2013
An Oldie NEW
by: Anonymous

Recent first time visit to USA, WINTERHAVEN, FLORIDA, sampled the icons BUSCH Coors etc and others, enterprising Supermarket manager suggested give YUENGLING 'Black & Tan' a try....what a taste experience..tried other Yuengling all distinctive.
For me here in Oz Coopers are benchmark.
Trying to locate Yuengling here Sydney no joy.

Nov 24, 2012
Author Wrong
by: Anonymous

The author of this article is flat out wrong. They most Canadians I am a dedicated beer drinker. I discovered Yuengling in Pittsburgh and now I absolutely love it. I am very dissapo inted that it is not available in Canada. If my wife ever left me I would move to the US just so that I can drink Yuengling as often as I wish.

Nov 01, 2012
I miss you Yeungling
by: Steve

Couple of years ago travelling through USA and discovered a beer at least as good as any I've tried here in my native Australia. No other American beer I tried came close. It was a beautiful cleansing ale slightly bitter just the way I like it. Got home thought "no worries ill buy some here" well I was sadly disappointed. Guess ill have to save up and fly across the big pond once again

Jan 15, 2012
Yuengling in Australia
by: Big Rig

I am from central PA. I have travelled all over the world sampling beers and currently reside on the west coast of Australia, where there is not a single drop of Yuengling. In all of my travels I have yet to find the-go-to-beer quality that Yuengling provides. It is the perfect beer for all situations not to heavy and not to light.

I am struggling to find a replacement for Yuengling and this is causing me greif and frustration. At times I question my decision of living in Australia solely based on the inablity to find that one true beer (love) again. There are a few things that are beckoning me to return to the United States and Yuengling would be near the top of the list.

Until I can find a solution to my dilemma, I will continue to count the days till I return to my native lands to post up at the local pub and savour a frosted mug of that delicious brew.

Jan 04, 2012
Your tastebuds suck.
by: Anonymous

Yeungling is One of the best beers I have tasted. So tasty. Wish it was in Canada. Whenever I am in the states I bring home as much as I can. A truly amazing lager.

Oct 01, 2011
Love Yuengling
by: Anonymous

I visited NJ and PA the last 2 weeks with 2 friends, and we tried Yuengling at a pub, and ever since then, we have been drinking this great beer .... wish it was available in Canada!

Jul 23, 2011
If something pleases you then it's GOOD!
by: Jake

I was introduced to Yuengling Beers nearly 25 years ago during a trip to Gettysburg, PA. I have enjoyed their beer ever since. Unfortunately it is not distributed in ME, so I take full advantage to bring some home via friends and an annual trip to MD. I'm not a beer expert, but for me Yuengling produces an excellent Lager and I really enjoy the Black & Tan. Both are very different but both have a full body, smooth taste and finish. As for other beers, I can honestly say I'm only impressed by a couple of ales & stouts produced in the British Isles. So I will continue to drink Yuengling, when I can, simply because I enjoy it! You can go enjoy what ever you like!

May 14, 2011
YingLing Beer - Great Stuff
by: Anonymous

I discovered YingLing beer for the first time at a Hampton Inn in Columbus, Ga 2 weeks ago. At the Manager's Welcome Reception everyone was drinking it....Being from MO, I had nerver heard of it....tried it, loved it and now searching the web for the closest place to purchase some in the KC area. I enjoy a good beer and I'm hooked. Good Stuff.

Mar 30, 2011
by: mchollan

YUENGLING got me through college!

Oct 07, 2010
If you don't like Yuengling, you're un-American...
by: 24 paws

I grew up in Pottsville in the 50s, and remember stopping by the brewery on the way home from grade school, to watch the men work the huge brewing tanks. I lived across from Yuengling, Sr., with his huge mansion behind tall, wrought-iron fencing. I knew some of the younger Yuenglings from my boyhood, as they lived about a block down the street.

I moved away from Pottsville to York in the early 60s, then entered the Navy in '70, and didn't get my first taste of the beer until I was in my 30s -- and absolutely loved it. Smooth, refreshing, no bitter or yeasty aftertaste -- partly because of the water used, partly because of how it's brewed, partly because of the ingredients -- it's just a wonderful lager. I just don't understand why Yuengling hasn't been able to expand its distributorship west of Ohio.

Sep 03, 2010
I LOve Lager ... I'm serious.
by: Anonymous

I'll have to agree with those that oppose your view on this very delicate matter ... this beer was made from the Gods themselves!

Aug 26, 2010
You are a bad person.
by: Chandler

Yuenling is the greatest beer that has ever been made. You should be in prison.

Aug 10, 2010
what do you know?
by: Pete

This beer is great and I wish I could buy it in IL. I drank so much of this beer while on vacation out east I forgot to stock up before I went home. Anyone who says this beer isn't a good beer sure doen not know what the hell they are talking about. I'll soon be making plans for a road trip just to buy this beer,That's how good it is. Sitting here writing this I'm drinking my last four I had in my cooler.

Aug 01, 2010
The good stuff
by: Anonymous

1976 Yuengling was placed on the National register as Americas oldest brewery and if you did'nt live in easter Pennsylvania you couldnt get it because it did'nt sell well. In 1987 Lager was launched and overnight the Pottsville plant was brewing all out. There's now a plant outside Pottsville and one in Tampa FL. I't's only available in 13 states and outsells Samuel Adams that sells in 50 states. Do not drink Premium if your not from Pottsville because you'll probally puke! Lager is a great beer as well as the Black and Tan and Porter. If you don't like Yuengling Lager you must like Coors Light, wine or your gay. Probally all the above.

May 26, 2010
by: homer56

Ok, there seems to be a lot of name calling here! Anyway, first of all, Yuengling is the oldest brewery in AMERICA. Not the world and if anyone cares to read a little history you would learn that (and this is probably gonna be a shocker) during prohibition some breweries stayed operational. But I digress with the rest of you. The label aside, I happened to try Yuengling Traditional Lager on a trip with my wife to visit her family in PA. I have no idea what it costs and really could care less. Now, I like most beers from some very cheap beers brewed by other more popular breweries but I found that Yuengling was very good. Im not one of these people that can disect what a beer tastes like, Im just a humble working stiff that likes a good beer while watching football, or hockey, or while Im fishing. Its a good beer. I wish I could get it where I live! So lets just hear how it has nutty undertones and such and Ill just laugh while reading these dumb posts, Oh yeah, Ill be enjoying a good beer!

May 13, 2010
Your an Idiot!
by: Kelley

We'll thats just like your opinion and stuff, Man.

May 02, 2010
by: The Giff

You people are dorks everyone has different taste buds you morons if you like darker beer than you should like yuengling. Beer is also an acquired taste so any kind that you drink you have to get used to. None of you geeks are beer connoisseurs so shut the f*@k up. Oh and by the way. It is the oldest brewery right now you're all a bunch of internet tough guys keep drinkin your girls light you homos

Apr 20, 2010
Yuenling is the best!
by: JohnT.

Untill I tasted Yuenling on a business trip to PA I had not tasted an Amber beer. I brew my own once in awhile and really enjoyed Yuengling and now order an amber for making my own. Any body that doesn't like Yuenling probably doesn't like beer or in reality probably drinks lite beer which is only water that tastes like cheap beer.

Mar 10, 2010
Clueless douchebag
by: Anonymous

What kind of beer review never once mentions anything about how the beer... you know... tastes?

All you did was ramble on incoherently about the label and the name, and never addressed the beer's crisp, refreshing taste that goes down smooth without being watered down.

No, Yuengling is not on the same level as expensive microbrews, but for a pretty low cost beer, it is heads and shoulders above most everything else in the same price range. It's a fabulous "cheap" beer with a lot going for it for the price.

And for the record, Yeungling is the name of the family, and the brewery did in fact stay in business through prohibition - they brewed low-alcohol "near beer", which was still legal, and also opened a dairy and made, of all things, ice cream.

Feb 28, 2010
yuengling beer
by: llewelln pa

yuengling beer is the worst tasting beer out there .i guess alot of people like drinking out of sewer cricks

Feb 28, 2010
yuengling beer
by: llewelln pa

yuengling beer is the worst tasting beer out there .i guess alot of people like drinking out of sewer cricks

Feb 16, 2010
One fine lager
by: PJM

If you do not like Yuengling lager or premium beer you must not like beer period.

Feb 16, 2010
One fine lager
by: PJM

If you do not like Yuengling lager or premium beer you must not like beer period.

Feb 16, 2010
One fine lager
by: PJM

If you do not like Yuengling lager or premium beer you must not like beer period.

Feb 16, 2010
One fine lager
by: PJM

If you do not like Yuengling lager or premium beer you must not like beer period.

Nov 21, 2009
Yep, taste like malt liquor
by: Frankie Pintado

I know a lot about beer. I doubted the claim that yuengling was the oldest. Especially considering that all breweries were supposed to have shut down during prohibition, but few actually did.

The beer tastes like what it is. Made from whatever grains were cheapest, highly processed to attempt to give a consistent taste, pasteurized, bottled for god knows how long... your basic domestic. Not some hand crafted microbrew as the advertising would have you believe.
And by the way, if they're the oldest brewery in the country, then am I the only one who NEVER EVER REMEMBERS HEARING ABOUT THEM UNTIL AFTER THE YEAR 2000?

Nov 12, 2009
Yuengling stands alone
by: laguna boy

I don't stay with any beer too long but I always go back to Yuengling. The beer has no after taste and is refreshing without being watered down.

Nov 01, 2009
by: khxcfd

Having traveled from Ohio. I found Yuengling beer have a distint taste without a harsh after taste. Wish I could find it in Ohio.

Oct 10, 2009
Best Cheap beer!
by: Anonymous

Yuengling does have a is the best cheap beer a person could buy. It makes a good beer for session drinking, parties..whatever your fancy.

Oct 02, 2009
Your a Disgrace
by: East Coast Woman

Anyone that doesnt like Yuengling is a dispicable person, or cant appreciate a good beer, which in turn makes you a dispicable person. I bet your favorite sports teams are the Lakers, the Cowboys, and the Yankees.

Sep 05, 2009
Travis Edwards and Yuengling
by: Keith Semerod

Who is Travis Edwards and what does he know about beer?
To me he sounds like a micro brew snob from Boulder Colorado. There are only two reasons to hate Yuengling. Number one: he doesn't really like beer.
Number two: he has something against tradition.

To Travis: Do you like New Belgium's Fat Tire? Can't say I know anyone who doesn't. Since you seem to focus on labels, what does a bicycle have to do with beer?

Also, if you are going to make comparisons to cheap beer, it sounded like you were trying to stay regional. Keystone is not from Pennsylvania. I know it's the Keystone State, this could be confusing to you.

For those of us that grew up in PA and moved to other states, this beer is something that we look forward to on a return visit to the area. As for the comment about staying regional, how many good beers do you know that are sold nationwide? I though a micro brew snob would understand this.

PS: Budweiser is not a good beer!

Aug 28, 2009
by: Anonymous

You hated this beer. We get that... but apparently its because in your most inhumble of opinions the logo sucks. Thanks for absolutely no information on the beer itself which I am starting to suspect you never bought, poured or tasted, since it isn't any combination of the following a) A microbrew, 2) from an E.E.C. country, and finally) more than eight bucks a six.

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